After a huge success on his last single “party like a rockstar” with thousands of hits and massive airplay, Phazehop who is a young fast rising Super producer/Performing and recording artiste has just released another sick tune “feeling Great” under his own entertainment outfit “steamtunez Ent”. The song feeling great would actually get you addicted to it as soon as you press play except you dont like good music, the progression and arrangement of the instrumenmental was way out of this world. You might like to compare PhaZehop to Enrique Iglesias and Will iam but yet phazehop has his own style and has perfected it, Phazehop is a young talented chap and he is working his way to stardom, he is behind a lot of songs you hear on radio,internet and on the streets. He has really contributed to the development of the Nigerian Music Scene,take it or leave it this dude is the future! His music is unique and different, his tunes are new, its something you have never heard before, it connects with the soul and stimulate every nerves in your body. Presently he is almost done with recording his first debut album featuring a lot of Nigerian Celebrities, words is that music videos has been shot for this same single and party like a rockstar which would be hitting your TV soonest….




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