The Raga and Dancehall artiste was born Edidiong Patrick Billy into a
family of eight in Onna, Akwa Ibom State, EddyBillz is the last born of the
family. He had been listening to groups like Plantation Boiz and Remediez
until his Dad encouraged him to also try out his musical talents. This
opened a way for him to start writing and singing at a tender age. It
continued for a while until he took his music into a professional level in
2008 when he joined a music band known as Klazik (K31) Music.

So far so good, he has a world class banging single to his name (Back In Da
Dayz) and has been featured in songs by the likes of Black Face, Oga Sir,
IllRhymes and numerous up and coming acts in the industry. He is influenced
by the likes of Black Diamond, Sean Paul and General Pype. His performance
on stage is also worthy of note. No wonder he was singly hand picked to be
managed by his current Manager (Slido Micheals).




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