Felabration has come and gone, but the scintillating and thrilling performances by different musical acts will always remain in our hearts, as they gave it their all in celebrating the late Afrobeat King, Music icon and Legend ‘Fela Anikulapo Kuti’.            One Artist that amazingly caught the eye by his thrilling Performance was “Emperor KB”, Nigeria’s foremost Reggae Dance hall Star who Superbly blends Reggae with R’n’B & Pop. Emperor KB totally blew the crowd away performing his hit debut Reggae Single “Kiss n Caress” and two dance-hall songs from his forthcoming Album. The 6’6 tall Nigerian musician also danced his various steps to to amuse the fans while performing and it was amazing. The cheer from the crowd and the paparazzi camera’s where Spot on for the handsome dude has he gave a performance that will always be remembered by fans has one of the best in Felabration, going by a spectacular show of creativity he displayed on stage with his band, his dance, his songs and his energy. We congratulate and appreciate Emperor KB on his awesome performance at Felabration, and wish him many more successful performances in his music Career.

Download Kiss n Caress by Emperor KB




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