Introducing A Revolutionary Online Radio Station – MUSICNESTRADIO


MusicNest Radio….’Da Voice’ is a global online radio station which plays the best in Afro beats, R n B, Hip Hop, Soul and Gospel to a worldwide audience 24 hours a day.It is fast becoming a cult figure: making crazy waves in the Nigerian Radio Industry with over 2,500 hits daily and still counting…With listeners all over Europe, Africa and even Asia. One of the major strength of this newest and most vibrant urban internet radio station is its unique style of mixing Naija lingo, local culture, and a no holds-barred, street-level approach to entertainment.
Sunkami Sanusi who is the Media Operations Director has this to say: ‘We want to be ‘Da Voice’ of the people brining new and emerging Afro beats to the Diaspora while at the same time. we have got fashion, beauty, music videos and an entertainment blog called ‘Da Voice’
MusicNest is made up of young, dynamic group of writers, bloggers, and media marketers based in London, Nigeria, the USA and Canada; MusicNest Radio’s crew have an understanding of the codes and responsibilities of a true, credible media operation and have managed to make the station a success in a short period of time. The most unique service that MusicNest have is the ability to cover an event either via Audio/Video coverage online to a global audience. website is a music and lifestyle entertainment media hub and all her listeners round the world love what they have heard and seen so far.
MusicNest has set the music scene buzzing with refreshing displays of innovative, and attention grabbing concept of the most important people in the game- The Listeners.
You better keep it locked on their website.
If you think you have got what it takes to work with a creative, innovative and intelligent crew like these guys, you have an opportunity to become one of their Presenters, Models, DJ,Writer and much more log on to their website and click on the ‘Job’ section  for more info…


Contact MusicNest via mail on and you can follow on Twitter @musicnestradio
So what are you waiting for log on now to and join listeners all over the world enjoying good musics anytime anywhere…Cheers



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