Wale Stringz, whose real names are Afolabi Adewale Kehinde started his
music career started at a young age, his excessive love for sounds and
instrument made him learn the guitar. That
explains why he is called “Stringz” is added to his name. When ask
why he decided to go into music? He
answers. “I feel music is the key of having a peaceful world, and a
soldier of peace is what I am.”

Afolabi Adewale Kehinde AkA Wale Stringz conveys his thoughts to fans
through his music, which he calls soft soul music I.E songs that
touches the heart.

After his hit single “I CAN’T REALLY SAY” produced by young prolific
producer named Adebz, which talked about social-economic status of the
society, which
falls back to his aim in music which is to
have a peaceful world.
He has been compared with GT tha
Guitarman and Bez, but you can definitely point out the influence of
the guitar in stringz music and his soulful touch to music.

His new single “Eni tan Feri”. Which means “The Star They Want To See”
features D’Swade and the duo’s delivery on the beat is a hit.


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