Churchill Junior Ogoke aka 1212, wanted to be a footballer while growing up, but eventually decided on music. He used to be a member a group called rappers dictionaries before they all went their separate ways. Churchill has a history of good videos, with the release of two debut music videos for his songs “Alaye” and “Shine Shine Bobo”. “Shopping” directed by Mex Factor was another video that got good airplay on TV stations across the country.

Here comes Churchill again with another amazing video to his new single: Sexy Mama. He has decided to share some exclusive behind the scene views from the new project, so fans can know what to expect from the new video. Sexy Mama was shot in Cape Town South Africa, and directed by Directed by Mark Hofmeyr [Director Behind Dare’s Ba Niki Di].



4 thoughts on “BTS: CHURCHILL: Sexy Mama

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