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Born Adebayo Samuel Durojaiye Samuel on the 19th of April into the family of Mr and Mrs Durojaiye in the Akoka area of Lagos, Nigeria. Deebee or Collabo Crooner as now known has been a music lover before he could recite his two times table. He grew up listening to the various genre of music that rules the time through the 80’sand 90’s. Like every other music artist, he has tutored himself as a chorister in the chirch choir. While all this took their turn he had always nutured the ambition to explore the musical side of himself.

In 2000 he decided it was to check his capabilities while handling the microphone he recorded his first ever single under the auspice of the veteran producer _ ID Cabassa of the coded tgunes clique . Ijo ( the single) featured 2phat and Sparkle man . He has experimented with a couple if lyrical versatility and serveral brands under the hip-hop before submitting to the blend of mother tongue african vibes with western flavor which he term as Afro Hip-Hop .

Time flew by and in 2008 , he debuted in the mainstrem with an evergreen hit single titled – Collabo . The single gave him a surname aseveryone preferred to call him the ‘Collabo Master’. Deebee has rocked all through the country and beyond with the monster hit single and the par is still rising.

You would agree that climbing up through the ladder of success is not an easy task. Deedee like other successful artist have had his fair share of the ups and downs. However so far so good he is ranked amongst the top club rocker in Nigeria. All thanks to hardwork, steadfastness, determination and dedication.

He has performed in international concerts, Ghana, Dublin, London,to name a few.
Deebee is Presently working in this second music and video album to be released in November 2010.



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