Ladder (2)

Intro: In a land of myths and the time of magic the destiny of a great

Kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young man His name.. Jahborne


Ladder ladder ladder ladder O

Our lord Jesus is the ladder.

Maffy beatZZ

Follow the ladder – follow follow ,follow the ladder – Oya follow

follow follow the la follow the la Follow the la –

Oya my brother follow Follow the la

Follow the ladder – sisters folllow Follow the ladder – Everybody follow

follow the la follow the lafollow the la follow the ladder

Verse 1: Yankee dey sweet omo abeg I wan confess

But compared to Isolo there is no contest
I got a couple of cheques cause I

sign contractS

Now my bank account is fat my guy u fit come check

Like Tonto dike I dey rolly the jumbo

Am just trying to say am friends with Uche JOmbo

Calabar girls dey feel my swagger now I sign their congo

When they see me passing by they are like Jahborne E DON DO

Swagg, the boy fresh like tomato My girlfriend superstar fly like Ini Edo

But I can dump her for Yvonne nelson for smokin benson
check  am, how Margaret go dey smoke cigarette



If God no dey bless me, why you think sey I still dey HERE

If maga no dey pay why you think sey i fit drink beer

Enemies dey jealous dem dey wonder make dem dey there

Whole ah (all of) them are learners dem suppose sidon for day care

look here, me i dey hustle and i no fear,am laughing to the bank and bad

sidon for wheel chair dey vex on top my success and my progress and i tire

cause them just dey cook their lies but am hotter than fiream a supper

star i shine brighter than the sun boy

The name is jahborne and am a Don like corleone so,
from Isolo to New york and

Onos music sign me on

The ladies love me so they try to turn me on so




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