Climax, born Fashiku Taye, a  multi-talented composer , writer and singer. Beyond his skills and urban swag, Climax is a young man imbued with the will power to generate lyrics that put life’s reality into perspective. He has the ability to deliver songs in an eternal voice as if he were an angle.
Just like every Nigerian child , he is under the tutelage of his parents. He couldn’t have done anything else but music, the passion and energy that oozes of his veins makes him exceptional, like smoke from an incense. His stage performance and creativity is out of this world making the audience request for more.

He an artist  signed under H&M ENTERTAINMENT and  He debuts his singles Jewel and  teams up with solid star on this monster hit “IKEBE SUPER”. is planning to work with the likes of Davido, kayswitch and Rayce anytime from now.  Watch out for him!!!



One thought on “AUDIO: CLIMAX – JEWEL

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