Lose Control Cover
The YeyeBoiz represent the new wave of pop frenzy about to stir up the industry. Made up two teenagers – Oladapo Akinmuyiwa aka DPO, and Edwards Olujuwon aka LOC who individually bring their impressive and eye/ear-catching taste in music to the table, to make the incendiary pop duo known as YeyeBoiz.

Managed by PR/Management outfit – RXN Media, the duo teamed up to form the music group known as YeyeBoiz in late 2011 and ever since there has been no looking back for the success hungry teenagers. They have immersed themselves more in music, developing their singular sound and style.

The YeyeBoiz who dropped their debut single – YeyeBoy, last year November met with a huge positive reception. After spending a couple months on the drawing board, they are back with a new single, and a promise of more to come in the coming weeks.



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