a shine

Tosin Awosika – A-Shine – has dropped his second single titled Moti Bori, according to him, assure his fans that he is still very much in music. The track is coming three years after he produced O ti di Gobe, in which he featured DZ Zeez. His third Single titled O’Dragon will be dropped in the next coming month and will be available for download on all major Blog 
A-Shine, a native of Ondo, Ondo State, who lives in Lagos, studied Economics at the University of Lagos. But, like many other Nigerian youths, music seems to have grasped the best of him. Even as an undergraduate he performed at various shows, while he worked with various artistes such as Artquake, Kas, Reminise, Jah Bless and some others, including fellow undergraduate dreamers with whom he performed some studio experiments. 
Moti Bori is basically a concept of a man’s struggle in life, and how God puts a man ahead of all the struggle at the end of the day.
In spite of his faith in entertainment,  A-Shine is, incidentally, pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education at UNILAG.  The artiste, who says 2face is his mentor based on his consistent stay in stardom,  says music is not affecting his studies as he is used to  roving between them. He hopes to release an album by the end of the year.





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