AUDIO: LOTI – Questions In My Head Ft. PCB

Official-Questions-In-My-head-posterHis name is LOTI and he is a Toronto-based Nigerian singer/songwriter. Taking off from the success of previous features including the popular “Paradise” by K-Jay, LOTI finally decides to reveal his debut single titled “Questions In My Head” to the world. It’s an infectious, smooth and catchy RnB performance from the singer who is backed by Canadian Rapper/Producer PCB.
Here’s what LOTI had to say:
“I manage to express my experiences through music and an agreement of sound. With lows come highs and fighting always has an end. I accept struggle and I’m passionate about the things I do. I create the music that comes naturally to me and I’m not afraid of change. I am thrilled about the present. I believe we all have a story to tell, whether it’s audible, visual, silence or motion. We are constantly creating new moments to share. Hope you enjoy listening to “Questions In My Head’ as much as I enjoyed making it. I’d like to thank PCB for making this record with me and also everyone who’s been supportive. Expect more from me!”



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