mya k cover

Mya Kinlock is of British – Nigerian descendant. She is a High School student and a rare gem who began to study singing, dancing and acting at the age of two.

Mya K went professionally solo in 2010. She has dropped 7 singles including collaborations with Vector and Jaywon. She has performed on international stages and has recorded with major production studios in Nigeria and abroad. The new single “My DJ” is released under her record label, ROCK TOWN MUSIC.

You know what they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So if you are a DJ and you hear a song that blows your mind, and then you “put am” for replay and it blows up your mind again, why would you stop? DJs, Mya K’s in the building and she’s got a new hot single, “My DJ” and sure enough it’s a right banger. Theorysound Production provided the synergised hip-pop beat.



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