ARTICLE: Inferior Tonto Dikeh Proving Superior


Many things have been said about Tonto Dikeh recently, especially about her singing ability. As we all know Tonto Dikeh, who got famous on TV screen, as an actress has dabbed into singing; this development has
created a lot of controversies for her. Her sudden jump into music rather than continue her acting points to a
simple fact that she is just trying to remain relevant. She is interested in nothing but fame (and perhaps controversies). Recently, a
lot of people’s complaints include her in ability to sing reasonable songs but whack songs she sings, which went viral on the internet due to the unbelievable and unimaginable tones and rhythms packed into what she called her songs. He releases (songs) has gone beyond not interesting but became the first ear infectious song (otherwise known as
Tontodefect). LOL
Late last year Tonto Diken drop her debut single HI + iTZova Feat Snypa which was also premiere on this and many notable blog site in Nigeria and around the globe. The debut single cause a lot of uproar in the media, although, a lot of people voices were mute but they took to social network media such as twitter, facebook and the rest to show their anger at what they considered ear-damaging song.
The No Nonsense Diva, didn’t let the criticism put her off, without prelude she threw Jeje on our faces, produce by Jospo and Mix by a close family friend Indomix. As if Jeje was not enough she was all and again in studio session with some notable artists and in no time she featured the one and only Akpako master of the industry Terry G on Crazically Fit. This is where I started to think to myself; “here we go again”. I said to myself; “the craziest Man in the music industry and the Kolomental Diva in the movie industry came out with something called Crazically Fit, how could this be real? What a match and what concept do
they join together?” I couldn’t wait to listen to the song. Listen and watching the video, I wasn’t disappointed, rather my instinct told me that Tonto Diken is not here to play she is here to tell us what we
don’t know.
In February when Tonto Diken drop Jeje Artwork through her twitter account, which was premiere on 1st March, news went viral that she was ready to come out once again with another whack song, which I couldn’t but also agreed. In spite of the danger to my ears, I was actually ready anyway as a blogger to post the song and probably listen to it when it was finally released. While listening, I notice the beat was produced and Mixed by one of the best in the country, Jospo and Indomix respectively. That was when I started thinking that yes this Diva means business and I think she’s getting there.
Early this month Tonto was at AY life show, a show she got a round of applause from more than thousands people at the end of her performance, if that’s not her first stage performance but the noticeable one, she sang all her singles, including Jeje which was mere response to those who have being criticizing her for her musical talent. I think in all, this Tonto is improving and telling us what she can do, I read an article some weeks back where the writer said ‘‘Tonto Dikeh must be stopped”. No way! I’m sorry to say this but she can’t be stopped, Tonto Is Famous, She has everything a list Nigerian artist has, she might not be good as some of them but she has what its required to be a top artist and she’s proofing this.
Famous – she’s already famous among the household because of her acting skill.
Controversial – Yes she is, media and we blogger won’t let her go, we post her tweet if she insult anyone and this are what keeping people like Tonto on the spotlight.
She has once said that Don Baba J, [Don Jazzy] popular Nigeria producer and CEO Marvin Records is her ex, if this is true or not or just public stunt but there are connection in between them and if she want advice how to improve her music career people like Don Jazzy can help her.
Yesterday, Don Jazzy also agree with me; tweeted Tonto ”Talent is a raw material,yhu have processed it madam!”



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