Oh yes, our favorite las gidi chick aka Lil Miss Miss is at it again as she surprises her fans with her official EP self titled “The Lil Miss Miss EP” which consists of a variety of genres. The self titled EP  definitely hits home as the Akwa Ibom native incorporates the commercial sound with her own unique individuality. Go LIL MISS MISS!


1.Cold Outside – http://i-x.it/ZO1fMN

2.Baddar – http://i-x.it/XI1fMN

3.Ufan Make Nice – http://i-x.it/ePafMN

4.Cure My Craze – http://i-x.it/cXafMN

5.Lamba – http://i-x.it/eI1fMN


6.No Whine Me – http://i-x.it/Qt1fMN

7.Las Gidi Chick – http://i-x.it/Rg1fMN

8.Let Me Love You – http://i-x.it/Uq1fMN




One thought on “EP: THE LIL MISS MISS EP

  1. lil miss miss is going to blow up. mark. my. words. an incredible EP. best tracks: no wine me, lamba, baddar.

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