Free Album: DASUKI PRESENTS “THE B.I.A.F.R.A.N TAPE” cc @ChukaObi

If you’re one of those who crave something different, a shift from the norm, and a return to rap music that actually speaks to things happening around you then DaSuKi’s “The B.I.A.F.R.A.N. Tape” is for you.
Having already previously released three songs from the project- “State of The Union”, “Bang!” and “Our Voices”, the full-length release is out as a free download from October One for a limited period, after which it will be available on iTunes, Spinlet and all other major online stores. Limited hard copies of the album are also available on request
B.I.A.F.R.A.N. is an acronym for “Because I Advocate For Revolution Among Nigerians”. It’s a return to social commentary, probably the boldest since the days of Fela Kuti.
Here are three songs off The BIAFRAN Tape: the beautifully introspective “Rat Race”, the brilliantly crafted political satire “Untouchable” & the hilarious “Idiot Generation”. All three songs are produced by SuperProducer and “I Love You” crooner MOSA.

Download the full album, here


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